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The city media group

The City Media Group publishes The CITY Magazine (successor of "Stroitelstvo Gradat" Newspaper published between 1997 and 2015), organizes National contest “Building of the Year” (since 2002), the professional series for building construction and investments – Building Innovation Forum Series, investment forums BalREc, annual conference “Strategic infrastructure Bulgaria”, The City Academy, Infrastructure Bulgaria Awards, and other projects.

In 2017 the company launched the new integrated database for building and infrastructure projects in Bulgaria and the related companies - PDS.BG—PROJECTS DATAbase SYSTEM.

We help companies position themselves on the market, promote their products and services, and thus help them do business more efficiently. We actively cooperate with institutional leaders involved in regional and urban development.

We change along those who use our product. We build partnerships based on honesty, openness and trust, as we recognize the special nature of the media business and its responsibility to society.




The projects of the CITY Media Group in the field of “Facility construction and architecture” serve as a platform that helps us:

● Provide leading investors, architects, construction companies, project managers and supplies of products and solutions an opportunity to speak about the challenges in the processes of planning, designing and management of the various types of buildings – residential, office, commercial, industrial, schools, hospitals, sports facilities and others.

● Overview upcomingandexistingprojects, wefollowand – together with the leaders from the industry - we analyze the latest tendencies in facility construction and architecture

● Promote innovative building technologies, products and solutions, an important factor in the implem entation of quality up-to-date buildings


The projects of the CITY Media Group in the field of “Strategic and environment infrastructure” serve as a platform through which we:

● Provide the institutional leaders an opportunity to share policies and strategies related to funding and implementation of transport (highways, railways, airports, ports) and environment (landfills and waste, water and wastewater treatment stations) infrastructure projects of national and regional significance

● Together with the leaders in the sector we overview the development and goodpractices in the design, implementation and management of infrastructure projects

● Promote innovative products and solutions in the field of infrastructure construction


The projects of the CITY Media Group in the field of “Investments and real estate market” serve as a platform through which we:

● Together with the leading experts from the sector we analyze the investment activity and the real estate market in the various segments: office, residential, commercial, industrial, hotels, land plots and others

● Providparticipants in the investment process (investors, developers, banks, consultants and users) anopportunityto comment on market tendencies

● Promote successful projects and management models; provide information about relevant future and current projects


The projects of the CITY Media Group in the field of “Urban projects” serve as a platform through which we:

● Provide urban leaders an opportunity to share the vision, plans and projects related to the development of Bulgarian cities

● Overview the relevant urban projects - integrated urban transport and urban transport andcommunication infrastructure (metro, bridges, roads, junctions), traffic management, technical infrastructure (plumbing, electricity, heating and gas supply), urban (parks, pedestrian and bike lanes, pedestrian zones, subways, street networks and street lighting), sports, cultural, educational, health and social facilities

● Promote good practices in design, implementation and management of urban projects as well as inn ovative products and solutions leading to a more effective management of urban processes



Stroitelstvo Gradat newspaper through the years (1997-2015)


We publish The CITY Magazine (successor of "Stroitelstvo Gradat" Newspaper published between 1997 and 2015) - a bi-monthly publication in two print bodies - Buildings and Infrastructure:http://gradat.bg/spisanie


Our web platforms are our primary medium, where we thoroughly monitor and publish the most recent information in the sectors we operate in. Gradat.bg, and its subordinate websites infrastructure.bg, urbaninnovation.bg, buildinginnovation.bg, propertyindex.bg, provide daily information update, digital overview of our print publications, access to specialized professional-oriented audience and flexible advertising formats and options.


PDS.BG is your source of systemized information in the area of construction investment business. Here you will find the current public and private building and infrastructure projects on different implementation stage with their costs, terms, investors, designers, constructors, architects, building companies, suppliers, etc. PDS.BG gives you quick access to the profiles of the related companies with their contacts and reference projects.


We organize the most influential and attended events in the sectors we operate in – “Strategic Infrastructure and conference” (since 2002), BalREc - Investments & RE Market Conference (Since 2006), The City Forum, Building innovation Forum Series and others.
Our conferences provide market leaders a platform for communication and public discussion and gather public of leading professionals from the industry.


Every year we gather the leaders from the industry and together with a jury of established experts we distinguish the best facilities completed throughout the year. "Building of the Year" contest (since 2002) is the most prestigious event in the sector - with over 70 buildings participating each year and a gala awards ceremony, aired on Bulgarian National Television and attended by over 450 guests.In 2016 the first edition of infrastructure awards will be held. The contest aims to distinguish the best practices in the implementation of infrastructure projects in the past few years.

On the occasion of the 10th edition of the annual conference "Strategic Infrastructure Bulgaria" The City Media Group established the awards for contribution to the infrastructure of Bulgaria – INFRASTRUCTURE BULGARIA AWARDS, which was held in 2016.
The contest aims to distinguish the best practices in the implementation of infrastructure projects in the past few years.
The second edition of the initiative will take place on 27 February 2018, 7 p.m. in Sofia event Center, Paradise Center, Sofia.


As a responsible organization we believe that supporting future professionals – high school and college students is essential for the future development of the industry. That is why in 2014 we launched “Akademia Gradat” initiative and The City Academy Awards 2015 contest that provide a platform for communication and sharing experience between industry representatives and young professionals. 
Over the years we have organized "Eternal Buildings of Bulgaria" initiative within which landmark buildings such as Boyana Church and the museum of Kolyu Ficheto in Dryanovo have been restored.



The projects of The CITY Media Group are designed for the leading companies actively operating in the sectors that we work in, and are related with the major projects and implementations. Our content is intended for those who make decisions, who invest and manage. Depending on the focus, the various projects provide access to specific targeted audience, which increases the efficiency of the investment in marketing activities.